The Sea and the Sky

by Dana Wylie

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released May 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Dana Wylie Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Everything is Fine
The night you left the moon was full and bright
It's almost full again
I was thinking that night
Full moon, empty city
And I've been thinking 'bout the difference between
Getting stuck and getting stuck in
But thinking makes complex what's not complex at all
I just miss you, my friend

I'm full as the moon tonight
I'm full as the moon tonight
I'm full and bright as the moon tonight
And everything is fine, it's just not right

Since you left I've not quite been myself
But I'm almost me again
I've finally started to get my sense of humour back
I've been drinking way too much perhaps
But I've kind of been enjoying that
Drinking doesn't make this feeling go away
But it softens the edge

These prehistoric hills can make you feel
Like you've gone so far back in time
Back to that pure white potent loneliness
Of a beauty that you might not survive
And I'm full, I'm full, I'm full
Track Name: The Cuckoo
The Cuckoo's a pretty bird
She sings as she flies
She brings us good tidings, tells us no lies
She sucks the little birds eggs to keep her voice clear
And when she sings cuckoo the summer draws near

As I was walking by the side of a bush
I heard two birds whistling, the blackbird and the thrush
I asked them the reason so merry they be
And the answer they gave me:
We are single and we are free

A-walking and a-talking, a-walking was I
To meet my true lover
He'll come by and by
To meet him in the meadows is all my delight
A-walking and a-talking from morning 'til the night

Meeting is a pleasure, but parting is a grief
And inconstant lover is worse than a thief
A thief can but rob me and take all I have
But an inconstant lover sends me to my grave

And the grave it will rot me and bring me to dust
An inconstant lover no maiden can trust
He'll court you and he'll kiss you and swear he'll be true
And the very next moment he'll bid you adieu

The cuckoo's a pretty bird
She sings as she flies
She brings us good tidings, tells us no lies
But when her time is come her voice we don't hear
And where she goes we do not know
Until another year
Track Name: Untroubled One
Untroubled One
Unadorned and unknowing one
Show me the way of your untainted heart
I've known trouble
It's been with me from the start
Untroubled One
Teach me your art

Untroubled One
You are unadorned sunshine
Beaming down on unknowing mountain snow
I am heavy filled with memories of the good old days
Untroubled One
Could you melt my sins away?

I've such a longing to be pure
It's my sickness and my cure
I admit I've got a lot to hide
But I swear I'm all right on the inside

Untroubled One
I don't expect you to understand
How the shape of your perfect hand
Fill me with terror and joy
I will try to keep those hands free
From the heartache that I hold
Untroubled One
Could you lighten my load?
Track Name: How are you Defining Grace?
Maybe you will wake up on the shortest day
Having not seen it coming ahead
But you'll see blue when you need to see blue
And red when you need to see red
Maybe you will get onto a bus at dusk
And sit down beside a man whose lunchbox is the colour of the sky
As if it all were planned

All I want you to tell me
All I want you to tell me
All I want you to tell me
Is how do you get what can't be deserved and can't be earned?
Tell me, how are you defining grace?

Maybe you will go into a picture show
And sit down inside the past
And come out thinking the world is new, well
Just enjoy it while it lasts
It won't last

For God's sake, let it out of you
You're never going to figure it out
If the beast's worth taming you won't be able to tame it
You want it
You can't have it
You can only give it away
Track Name: Blackwaterside
One evening fair, for to take the air
Down by blackwaterside
In gazing all around me
'Twas the Irish lad I spied

And through the first part of the night
We lay in sport and play
'Til this young man arose and gathered his clothes
And said, Fare you well today

That's not the promise that you gave to me
When first you laid on my breast
You could make me believe with your lying tongue
That the sun rose in the west

Go home, go home to your father's garden
Go home and weep your fill
And think on your own misfortune
That you got with your wanton will

There's not a girl in this whole wide world
As easily led as I
When fishes fly and the seas run dry
It's then you'll marry I
Track Name: Yellow Skies
Drifter, maybe
Dreamer, absolutely
A fervent disbeliever in compromise
Your mouth and your eyes always say the same thing
That's a rare thing
Rare as yellow skies

Not a family man, so they say
Are there certain things you never got over to this day?
Could it have been any other way?
Or would you do the same thing?
You rare thing
Rare as yellow skies

And in the place where impossible meets inevitable
That's where you'll find the glow
The one in your eyes when you sing
It's a pain that peaks just below unbearable
It's the heart the breaks to reveal the morning

So let the drifters drift
And the dreamers absolutely
And resolutely struggle through the compromise
The whole thing is designed to take care of itself
So take care of yourself
Don't you worry 'bout the yellow skies
Track Name: Ophelia
Boards on the window
Mail by the door
What would anybody leave so quickly for?
Ophelia, where have you gone?

The old neighbourhood
It just ain't the same
Nobody knows just what became of Ophelia
What went wrong?

Was it something that somebody said?
Mama I know we broke the rules
Was somebody up against the law?
Honey you know I'd die for you

Ashes of laughter
The ghost is clear
Why do the best things always disappear?
Like Ophelia
Please darken my door

They've got your number
You're scared and running
But I'm just waiting for the second coming
of Ophelia
Please come back home
Track Name: Palaces of Gold
If the sons of company directors and judges' private daughters
Had to go to school in a slum school
Dumped by some joker in a dead-end back alley
Had to herd into classrooms cramped with worry
With a view over slag heaps and stagnant pools
Had to walk down corridors grey with age
And play in a cracked up concrete cage...

Buttons would be pressed
Rules would be broken
Strings would be pulled
And magic words spoken
Invisible fingers would mould
Palaces of Gold

If Prime Ministers and advertising executives
Royal personages and bank managers' wives
Had to live out their lives in dank rooms
Blinded by smoke and the foul air of sewers
Rot in the walls and rats in the cellars
In rows of damp houses like mouldering tombs
Had to bring up their children
And watch them grow in a wasteland of deadstreets
Where nothing would grow...

Buttons would be pressed
Rules would be broken
Strings would be pulled
And magic words spoken
Invisible fingers would mould
Palaces of Gold

I'm not saying that there's any sort of a plot
Everyone knows there's not
But you unborn millions might like to be warned:
If you don't want to be buried alive by slag heaps
Pit falls and dank walls and rat traps and dead streets
Arrange to be democratically born the son of a company director
Or a judge's fine and private daughter

Buttons will be pressed
Rules will be broken
Strings will be pulled
And magic words spoken
Invisible fingers will mould
Palaces of Gold
Track Name: Inevitability
Oh, what do you want from me?
Shall I get down on my knees?
And say please take it easy on me?
How about a little mystery?
Too overt to ignore
But my poor old heart
Can't take much more of this inevitability

I used to see you around every once in a while
In and about the town
I admit I kind of liked your style
Until you started following me around
And now I can't go for a haircut
No I can't go to the picture show
How can I escape when your sitting right beside me
Just a chomping on a tootsie roll?
Track Name: My Calm Heart is Free from Sin
It's a bring-a-tear-to-your-eye day
On Wind Tunnel Avenue
Every eye that I meet on the street knows
That something's on the brew
To my right I can see meaty rainclouds
Stacked up and rolling in
My calm heart is free from sin

Good hot coffee is just as tasty
On a sunny afternoon
These days I find the weather reflects,
Rather than affects, my mood
The temperature of the air today
Feels the same as that of my skin
My calm heart is free from sin

I have floated on panic to many adventures
Too many to name
I've ridden waves of illusion I believed so real
That real they became
But when the sea and the sky put you down too hard
The shock must be taken in
My calm heart is free from sin

I've been guilty of negligence and gross incuriosity
I've demanded sustenance from worlds whose air
Just wasn't meant for me
I've fought with all my heart
Battles I knew no one could win
My calm heart is free from sin

A few days before the longest
I walked out into the night
It's on the shortest ones I get impatient for the light
But when the sun comes up
And the mist clears out
It thickens
Just before it thins
My calm heart is free from sin
My calm heart is free from sin